Some Things Take Time



Dear Friends,

There are some things that simply can’t be rushed. For example:

  • a simmering pot of beans
  • the growth of a tomato plant
  • the development of a child in the womb

However the waiting times that stir the depths of our emotions are often our circumstances. Sometimes we can change our circumstances. Very often, we cannot. We want to hurry up and be on the other side of a painful experience. Or we want to hurry up and get to that place in life where we imagine that everything will fall into place.

How can we learn to be content while we wait? One suggestion is simply to do the duties that lie nearest, to bless the people that surround us, to look for the blessings in each day. While we wait, we can make the most of TODAY.

Christians find comfort in the truth that we have placed our lives into the hands of One who loves us more than His own life, and One who cannot err. He is working behind the scenes. He knows the big picture. His purposes know no haste and no delay.

Let’s choose an attitude of contentment and thankfulness. God is good. All the time.


Brenda Kay

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