What is Family?


Do you have a group of friends where you know you belong?

Or even one friend to whom you are very close?

Do you have a scheduled time where you meet with certain people with whom you have activities in common?

Perhaps you like to play music with a group of friends. Or perhaps you are a member of a book club. Maybe it is a hockey team. Or what about a group that goes out to eat together? Or a community service group.

I hope you know and experience what I am talking about. If you are regularly meeting with a group of people who share common interests, there can come a point where you feel like you belong to a family.

Belonging to a community is so beneficial to mental health. If you are not part of a group like this, you can start one! You could go walking with a few neighbors, or invite a few to your home for a small potluck meal. There are so many possibilities.

Just some ideas…