Brown Velvet Jackets

Today’s envelope art…Cattails.jpg

My grandmother learned many adorable poems and songs when she was in school. She sang them to my mother during Mom’s growing up years. Lately, Mom has been singing snippets of them. Yesterday, she quoted the above poem about the cattails and I knew I wanted to put that on an envelope. I can’t say the artwork is my own this time . I had quite a bit of help from a piece of clipart.

Enjoy nature.

One of My Neighbors


When I head out for a walk, I pass the neighbor’s chickens. They sometimes approach me hopefully since tall creatures often enter their space bringing FOOD!

I hate to disappoint them so I talk to them and utter what I hope are friendly noises. I always want to reach out and pet them, but am afraid that might not be a good idea. Maybe another time…