Have a Blessed Christmas!


God is a giver of gifts. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him. (see James 1:17). And the most precious gift ever given, a gift with value that can never be calculated, is the gift He gave us when He gave us His own dear Son. It was as if He gave all of heaven for our rescue.

It is His nature to give; that is how He shows His love. Whenever we give a good gift, we are being like Him. Christmas reminds us of that. 

The act of giving gifts to others has the amazing benefit of joy for the giver. It’s amazing how that works! It works even with the gift of a smile. Have you ever noticed someone’s eyes light up when you flash them a big smile? That will make you feel warm inside.

Experience the JOY!


The Cousin Tree

I have to be honest to say that I haven’t sent out a batch of Christmas cards for many years. But lately, I have been thinking about family and how unique FAMILY really is. I can choose my friends, but God chose my family for me. That’s special!

So I designed a Cousin Christmas Tree for all of my cousins. Some I see from time to time, but one of them I have never met. 

Cousins, I’m glad we are related. These are for you!



Tiny Christmas Greeting


I wanted to send more than just the Christmas letter. So into the envelope went this little guy, 3×3 inches square. 3×3’s are so fun to make! This one has some cute Christmas paper to which I added a few dots of glitter. Glitter enhances everything, doesn’t it? I just wish I knew how to photograph the cards so that the glitter sparkles as it does in person.

Inside, written with a silver Sharpie are the words “Joyous Noel!”

Click 3x3env to download a template for the little envelope.