Brown Velvet Jackets

Today’s envelope art…Cattails.jpg

My grandmother learned many adorable poems and songs when she was in school. She sang them to my mother during Mom’s growing up years. Lately, Mom has been singing snippets of them. Yesterday, she quoted the above poem about the cattails and I knew I wanted to put that on an envelope. I can’t say the artwork is my own this time . I had quite a bit of help from a piece of clipart.

Enjoy nature.

Take Me to That Land

Winding Road

Take Me to That Land

by brendakay, March 11, 2016

Jesus, hold my hand
Take me to that Land
     Guide me through the rain
     Hold me during pain
Enable me to stand

I am scared and small
You are strong and tall
    I can’t see my way
    Even for a day
You are my all in all

Place Your mind in me
Selfless I will be
    Answering Your call
    Sacrificing all
And giving cheerfully

Let me have Your heart
Brave to stand apart
    Faith as clear as sight
    Hope throughout the night
 With love that gives its part

I must lean on You
Watching what You do
    Trusting in Your care
    Confident in prayer
Your promises are true

Jesus, hold my hand
Work in me Your plan
    What you want is best
    Your way leads to rest
Oh, take me to that Land