Fishies 2

Today’s Envelope Art is before the stamp and address. I didn’t want to spoil the picture with those.

I got a masking pen for my birthday and have been playing with it. Lots of fun! First you draw the shape of whatever you don’t want paint to stick to. Then after it dries you can paint over the top of it. Then peel it off. It is rubbery and strechy at that point.



Today’s Envelope Art:FullSizeRender

What we do with our NOW affects our LATER. What we do with our NOW will change our brain for enrichment or for demise. We may invest each NOW in a way that will result in true joy & benefit to ourselves and to others. We have precious moments NOW

TIME–a precious gift. Use it wisely.






[I have a beautiful new book entitled Hand Lettering for Relaxation. I am really going to enjoy this book, written by Amy Latta. This envelope art was inspired by the first assignment in the book.]