The Gardens of Grace

Today’s envelope art…IMG_3371

O Thou in Whose Presence

O Thou in whose presence my soul takes delight,
On whom in affliction I call,
My comfort by day and my song in the night,
My hope, my salvation, my all.

His voice, as the sound of the dulcimer sweet,
Is heard through the shadows of death;
The cedars of Lebanon bow at His feet,
The air is perfumed with His breath.

His lips, as a fountain of righteousness flow,
To water the gardens of grace;
From which their salvation the Gentiles shall know,
And bask in the smiles of His face.

He looks, and ten thousands of angels rejoice,
And myriads wait for His word;
He speaks, and eternity, filled with His voice,
Re-echoes the praise of the Lord.

–Joseph Swain

What a beautiful tribute to Jesus!

Vellum Envelope Fun

Denise gave me some paper goodies for Christmas. One of the things she chose for me was a packet of sparkley vellum envelopes. I am going to have fun with those. Here is one:


Isn’t that pretty? So I made a colorful card for the inside:


And below is what it looks like inside the envelope.


I used a black gel pen to write the address on the outside of the envelope.

More Old Cards

I found some cards I made a few years back. They are a different style than the ones I am currently making. But I want to send them out, if I can think of just the right person. Now this first card–hmmm. I started making it and it ended up like you see below. But I could never think of what to write on the inside, so I still have it. It is rather “in your face,” don’t you think? I am going to have to come up with a nice line for the inside before I sent it.

Below is a variety. The one with the giraffes has a big fat bead on the front, so I won’t be able to mail that one easily.

That pretty much brings me up to date with current cards.

P.S. Remember to tell your special people that you love them.