Stenciled Grapes

This week’s envelope art…


I am sorting through stuff–clothes, books, purses, and craft supplies for starters. It’s time to get rid of the things I am not using. I always feel happy when I can give away or throw out things.

While cleaning out a cabinet, I came across some stencils and decided to use them for the letter. I’ll hold on to the stencils for now.


Colorful Creature

This week’s Envelope Art…


I decided to draw a frog this week, so did a Google image search for “frog,”  The red-eyed tree frog kept popping up! He is a colorful frog star.

I am so thankful for a colorful world.


This Week’s Envelope Art…

brown vase.jpg

I was watching TV and behind the guy that was talking there was some kind of blurry background. This bottle is what I saw in those shapes. Do you see images in random textures or patterns? I do all the time.