There are lots of kinds of moms. Big moms and little moms. Good-cook moms and microwave moms. Moms who like to play and too-busy moms. Moms who tell bedtime stories and give lots of hugs. Moms who don’t. Moms who make sure you practice the piano and moms who don’t care.

I hope you have/had a kind mom.

Anyway, for right now, I will pretend I am your mom and say, “I will love you forever! You are so precious! I’m so glad you are mine!”

Boot Up for Gardening!

This week’s Envelope Art…

preview boots.JPG

Garden time! Yesterday, I pulled off the tarp and cardboard from my front garden. I had covered the space during winter. I had cardboard on the back half and a tarp on the front half. When I pulled off the tarp, I discovered a very large fire ant village! So I went to the internet (where else?) to find what to do. I poured three pots of boiling water over their home. But I read that unless I kill the queen, they will rebuild. So Phase II will be to try some commercial stuff that can be sprinkled on and watered in.

I also have to deal with voles and that is another story.

Today, I mixed and added manure, peat moss, and vermiculite to perk up the soil.

Tomorrow I hope to plant.

You can see the pile of cardboard that I need to haul to the burn pile. In the front box with the tower are some peas and beets. In the middle is a fancy sprinkler I brought from a farmer friend. I am excited to try it!


Below are some shots from my patio garden in the back of the house:




And here are my actual boots!