Brown Velvet Jackets

Today’s envelope art…Cattails.jpg

My grandmother learned many adorable poems and songs when she was in school. She sang them to my mother during Mom’s growing up years. Lately, Mom has been singing snippets of them. Yesterday, she quoted the above poem about the cattails and I knew I wanted to put that on an envelope. I can’t say the artwork is my own this time . I had quite a bit of help from a piece of clipart.

Enjoy nature.

To Mom

Lots of love, some clip art, paper cutter and all the rest…FullSizeRender-1.jpg

The picture of the little girl playing the piano is very significant. I owe my ability to play the piano to my mother who saw to it that I had lessons from Mrs. Hardy, and most of all that I practiced every day. Thank you, Mom!

Inside Mothers Day card 2017.jpg

Inside I also listed some of the many things that I admire about Mom and am thankful for. One of the things I admire about her is that she is and has always been beautiful.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.


Pass These Out

Today’s envelope art…Smile.jpg

Smiles–easy to give and easy to take.

One day I was in line at Walmart behind a husky guy with a big gun on his belt. I was contemplating that gun and wondering what kind of guy he was. It was a bit intimidating. However, after he checked out, he turned around and flashed me a big smile! I was surprised and delighted. That smile changed my thoughts all around.