The Autumn Leaves


O Autumn, how I love each crisp fresh morn,
and pumpkin fields the sparkling frost adorns.
The sun through crimson, bronze or amber tree
entices the photographer in me.

Your presence means the year is growing old;
foretells the Winter’s snow and wind and cold,
your beauties ease us to December’s door
with faith that Spring will surely come once more.

–Brenda Kay


Thanks again to Eloise Renouf for her book:
20 Ways to Draw a Tree and 44 Other Nifty Things from Nature

Singing I Go!


Singing I go along life’s road;
Praising the Lord,
Praising the Lord!

Singing I go along life’s road,
for Jesus has lifted my load.

The words above are the refrain to the hymn, “Singing I Go,” written by Eliza Hewett. She wrote over 70 hymns. Another of her hymns that many  know is, “Will There Be any Stars?”