JOY: In Short Supply?

Do you think joy is in short supply?

I am thinking this through as I type. We could begin by looking around at our immediate and extended family, next at the people we hang out with, then the ones we associate with at work. Lastly, what about the people we see in the store or on the street or in the bank?

Of course, public faces can hide a lot of sadness. So that is not a sure measure. For those of who have our antennas up to notice the sad eyes or blank looks, they aren’t difficult to spot. Also, it might be a good not to assume that a smiley face always has a smiley heart. Anyway, can a person have too much joy? For example, if you gave some joy to a person who already had a lot of joy inside, what would that hurt? Joyful people like to receive more!

Smiles and pleasant greetings are a good place to start. Beyond that, what if each person has or can discover at least one unique or personal way to spread joy–their specialty. Maybe it is the ability to make others laugh, or to be an exceptional listener.

I looked around online for just a bit. 7 Ways to Spread Joy, 10 Ways to Spread Joy, And 101+ Ways to Spread Joy! What a lot of ideas are out there! Here are a few:

  • Leave a nice note for your wait staff
  • Compliment a Stranger
  • Ask your parent(s) on a date
  • Help without being asked
  • Send a card
  • Give sincere compliments
  • Play with a child
  • Play music with friends

It’s fun to think about. Maybe we can choose to be intentional about spreading joy, just in everyday activities.

I know this will increase our own JOY. YAY!

Well, that’s enough for today.

Your friend,

Brenda Kay

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