Goodbye, friends!

It is my nature to clean out to avoid clutter. I recently cleared out some books and sent them to new homes. If in doubt, toss it out! (Well, sometimes…)

It was time to send some of the stuffed animals to new homes. When I moved here, I sat out all the animals to decide if they should all come to TN with me, or not.


They all came to TN. The doggie with the hat (third from right), eventually went to his original mommy in Romania.


The doggie on the bottom came, too.

But the other day, I pulled out all the animals and sorted again. These below will go to my teacher-friend, who will use them for prizes. They will have new homes.


Below are the ones that remain, the favorites:IMG_0884

Lambie, Cocoa, Kacey and Cranberry.

No, Kacey, it was never a question as to whether you would stay or go.

And just for the record, people friends are indispensable.

One thought on “Goodbye, friends!

  1. Nice! It’s good that you’re putting your stuffed friends to good use. I like the furry, 4 legged doggie the best! 😉


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