Stash of Old Cards

I found a stash of old cards that need to be sent. Some of them I threw away. They look different than the cards I am currently making.  I saved the ones below and will try to send them out.

Do you have a friend or friends that tends to take on more than they should? I think I know who to send this one to.

Then we have friends who are going through a rough time and need encouragement in one form or another…

Many of these cards I made with no particular person in mind and now  here they are. Hmmm, to whom shall I send this one. Do you have a friend that is particularly sunshiney?

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Lightning struck our internet tower the day before Father’s Day. So I wasn’t able to post this until today. But that’s OK because today is my Dad’s birthday. Below is Father’s Day card that I made for him.

Step 1:


Step 2:




Let me say that my dad is an amazing man! I have really enjoyed living next door to him these past three-plus years. We have a lot of similar interests and working with him is fun and a learning experience. He is wise, practical, a problem solver, and a man of many excellent abilities. God gave me an amazing gift when he gave me my Dad.