Are you Weathered?

When you look in the mirror, do you lament the loss of your youthful face? Do you have to hire someone to mow the lawn because it is just too much for you? Did a younger person get that position you were hoping for? Do you realize you can’t do as many jumping jacks as you used to?

It’s OK! You are still needed!!! Take a look at the weathered sign below:

IMG_0904 (1)

This sign has seen better days. Look closely and you will see that it has been shot through in at least two places.


The sign below is still doing a very necessary job in spite of its age. Doesn’t that look like moss or fungus or something growing on there?


I KNOW you look lots better than this sign! So think of the value you still have! You can share your wisdom, pass your cheer, and be a beacon of guidance for someone else.

Weathered. Wiser. Wonderful.